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An Amanita Muscaria based cream
for soft skin and increased comfort.

How It Works

Use our Magic Lotion to relax and soothe high activity areas after a long day. With our Magic Lotion, you can target places of discomfort directly while using natural ingredients that you can understand.

How To Use

Rub a dollop of the lotion on areas where you're experiencing discomfort. Wait for it to set in and apply more as needed.


Multibase™, Amanita Muscaria Extract, Hemp Extract, Lavender Oil

"This lotion smells incredible. I am so amazed by how quickly it works. Love applying throughout the day. Look forward to it each time. "

Tyler - 34

JULY 29, 2021 @ 12:21

"I've heard so many amazing things about Amanita Muscaria but it is impossible to find. I am so thankful I found this cream. I apply it before I go the gym or if I wake up with aches."

Alex - 33

AUGUST 3, 2021 @ 14:42

"Works so well! This is a fabulous cream and it smells so nice!! I have been looking for a cream like this for sooo long."

Amanda - 22

JULY 23. 2021 @ 4:02




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